Serving Suggestions 1

Green Tomato Chutney

Everyone loves a good chutney, especially if it’s made using seasonal, local produce. I love serving this chutney on toasted bread, with some cheese, burgers, naan bread or any curry and rice dish.


Chilli Jam – Hot & Spicy 

Goes well with any selection of cold cuts of meat, spread on toast or crackers with cream cheese, then top with chilli jam. Spicy and sweet, but refreshing, too! Mix it in with some stir fry or noodles. Marinades for chicken thighs, pork cutlets. Of course, a great accompaniment for any sandwich.


Plum Chutney

It plays well no only on a cheese board, but also piled on leftover roast pork and smeared on a turkey sandwich. This plum chutney is just the thing to round out a few slices of cheddar. Enjoy as a snack with sharp cheese, good bread, and a homemade plum chutney.